Hello people. My first proper blog entry. Ever.

16th March 2012

3 years ago I wanted to start a blog… and then I got pregnant, and being mum took over – but now the little lady is a whole 2 years old and a bit, I am starting to claim the illustrator me back to fit alongside the mum bit.

*1st was my website overhaul, just freshly completed by my fantastic bro. Thanks Sam.

*2nd –┬ástart writing my blog (so I don’t just think about it for another 3 years). I read and enjoy many lovely peoples blogs, so I’m hoping maybe a few people might like reading mine too once I get started. This also means starting out with Twitter too. I have my lovely friend Luci to thank for (patiently) organizing & guiding me with this.

*3rd – start illustrating properly again. Not just my everyday special requests from the little lady for cats (with beards & hats), various nursery rhymes, castles, more cats, maybe some vegetables with faces.

*4th – Wake my trusty sewing machine from it’s dusty storage hole and see what happens.

So here it is. I hope you enjoy my thoughts, makings, ramblings and lovely things I find and share.

Seeing as I am also mum, there may well be some of that thrown in too. My first weeny example being right now. We are in the process of moving, so everything is chaos and sometimes she needs to be sat in the highchair out of the mess so she doesn’t start ‘Helping’.┬áLuckily the little lady loves to draw, stick and paint. Here is what we got up to the other day.

Lot’s of smiley rounds labels later.┬áLuckily I took this photo though as I turned my back to make a cup of tea and she ripped it all to pieces. Ho hum.

On an illustration note, I am really looking forward to Pick Me Up. Lucky me will be heading down to the Private view next week to check out all the lovely work. There are also some good talks and events. Quite fancy the Peepshow Heavy pencil late night.
See you next time.