Messy Times

20th March 2012

Fingers crossed we’ll hopefully be in the new flat by the end of the week.
I still can’t get much illustration done amongst the sorting/toddler demands so I’ll share some mess instead.

We are not moving far at all – but we have just realised how much stuff we have accumulated, plus it seems to increase alarmingly once you have children (including all the noisy ugly plastic crap you thought you’d never own). There is so much of it we are not willing to part with (more our things than hers). I’m ashamed to say we still have some wedding presents under our bed that haven’t graced the walls or tables yet, and we got married nearly 4 years ago.

I’ve been taking a few photos to document the flat for ourselves, but in the process have just captured our clutter and mess.

and then I use the shelves to put other stuff on in front of the books. Can't help it.

Soon to be used as a chair, and not an extra laundry basket/storage unit

Only thing is this is only a fraction of kitchen stuff, and our new kitchen is smaller

SOME of the little ladies belongings. Quite tidy here, but soon I won't care as I can put it all in her room.

So there you go.
Now we need to start packing and shifting all of our stuff.
Maybe we haven’t got that much stuff. It’s just we live in a small flat?.

Will try to get rid of some of it – current count is at two paperback books, some old beyond use baking tins and…that’s about it.